Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Blogging... Not

If this were a political blog, I'd be doing live blogging of election results. But although the national political scene is part of who I am, I recognize that this is not the forum for me to document my thoughts and reactions to the poll results.

But I have to say, it is indeed an interesting thing to be watching the results.

I'm sitting, as so many people are, on the edge of my seat. I'm old enough that I have Other Presidential Elections and other Election Night Results to compare my current experience with. This makes it all the more interesting to watch the results as they come in, and to try to calibrate where it is exactly I, and we, are.

I have a feeling I'll be up rather late.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

It was so addictive this time around to keep refreshing the New York Times map on the computer! Much more fun than watching tv. I was up rather past my bedtime as well...