Sunday, September 28, 2008

Michigander Monday Taking a Week Off, plus SCBWI-Michigan Conference Recap

Many of you tune in weekly for Michigander Monday on this blog, so I'm sorry to say that I do not have a profile for you this week. I've got one in the hopper, but I didn't get a chance to format the entry this weekend. My excuse? A weekend away with a whole bunch of talented Michiganders.

I attended the annual SCBWI-Michigan conference this weekend. The speaker line-up included Paula Morrow, Bob Morrow, Barbara Seuling, Matt Faulkner, Kate Sullivan, Daniel Lee, and Ted Malawer. It was an enjoyable weekend. I missed my kids while I was away (more than I thought I would!), and I was a little sad to only have about half my critique group with me (I missed the ones who couldn't come). But I was very happy to enjoy time with Ann, Ruth, and Kay; to finally meet Boni Ashburn in person; to reconnect with other friends and acquaintances; and to listen to the speakers. Not having to cook or load a dishwasher for two whole days was nice, too.

Watch for Michigander Monday to be back next week!

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